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pallet board в Гуандуне

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Регион Гуандун
Pallet Board, timber , any products according to your size
150 $/м.куб. FCA  
опт 140 - 200 $/м.куб.
СоумилФГ, ООО, BY
We make a pallet Board., timber, edged Board, various sizes. Coniferous wood (pine, spruce) technical drying to transport humidity 16-18%. Full...
Пиломатериалы хвойных пород
Цена по запросу
Арт-Енерго, ТОВ, UA
Good day! Our company is a direct manufacturer of lumber. We are located in Ukraine, Vinnitsa region We cut the pallet blank, timber,...
Sell planks (boards) Ash
Цена по запросу
Елемент, ТОВ, UA
Ukrainian company sell Ash boards Quality AB and ABC natural moisture and drying To get started, send a specification E-Mail: volynbiz & gmail...
Lumbers / пиломатериалы
Цена по запросу
Вуд Лук, ООО, UA
We produce edged and unedged boards, kitchens and parquet elemets and lamella made of solid wood species. (espescially ash and oak) . Delivery...
Edged board. Bar.
280 $/м.куб. CFR  
опт от 290 $/м.куб.
WoofLifeGroup, ЧП, UA
Good day! WoodLifeGroup (Ukraine) is looking for new buyers of sawn timber. If we are ready to cooperate and offer an interesting contract price,...
Oak lumber/timber/board unedged, half-edged, edged
Оптовая цена
330 - 850 €/м.куб. FCA
Еко-брус, ЧП, UA
Our company is a producer of oak lumber/timber/board. We are a sawmill company and now We are looking for new buyers and partners. We sell oak...
Sawn Timber (Lumber), Hardwood, Softwood, Bars
Цена по запросу
АТЛ-Интер, ООО, RU +1 объявление
We are a Russian manufacturer of sawn timber (lumber), and are looking for partners for long-term cooperation. We produce timber from Pine,...
Large porcelain tile
Цена по запросу
BaoJia Industry Limited, LLC, Фошань
Product: large porcelain tile, Item No.:PM0584, Packing: Wooden Pallet, Color:white, Email:
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